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Top Tips for Entertaining Children at the Doctors

Posted on : December 3, 2015  By : Wellness


We understand that not everybody enjoys visiting the doctors. We also understand that, as every patient is different, there can be a slight wait to be seen. If you’re visiting our medical office in Airdrie with your children, you may find that, after five to ten minutes of sitting in the waiting room, your children begin to fidget.

For a parent, this is always a dreaded moment; the few seconds before your children grow bored of waiting for their appointment and start to act up. To help you entertain your children while you’re sat in the waiting room, we’ve a couple of ideas to keep their interest.


Paper Games

Do you remember sitting in your school classroom as a child and spending the better half of a rainy lunch time playing paper games such as tic-tac-toe or hangman? These are perfect games to help keep children entertained. Not only are they non-imposing, meaning they don’t disturb other patients in the waiting room, but they help your child to concentrate and bring them some great entertainment.


Noughts and crosses game


Make It an Entertaining Experience

To children, visiting the doctors is a novelty; they find the change in surroundings interesting if only for a small amount of time. Help capture their interest by making their doctor’s visit entertaining. Expressing how excited you are will get them interested on the journey to the doctors, while playing games such as Eye-Spy or hand clapping games (albeit quietly) will keep them interested throughout their visit.


Three Japanese sisters and mother clapping their hands and playing


Take a Notebook With You

While toys in a doctor’s waiting room are perfect when it comes to entertaining smaller children, school aged children may not be interested in them. When this happens a trusted notebook can come to life with your child’s artistic skills. Creating a comic flip book is a great way for them to pass the time while pages and pages can be taken up by a writer’s colourful imagination. You may find that once you put a pen or pencil in their hands, they won’t want to put it down!


Hand with pen isolated on white


Here at Apple Wellness Center we try our hardest to make your family visit to the doctors as comfortable as possible. For a caring doctor’s practice, contact us on (587) 332-6767 to book your appointment today.


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