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Category Archives: Dental

Take Care of Your Teeth This New Year

Posted on : December 30, 2015  By : Wellness


We hope you’ve all had a wonderful festive holiday and that you’re well prepared for the New Year celebrations still to come. While we’re sure you’re looking forward to welcoming in the new year, it’s important that you remember to keep yourself safe during the celebrations. You may not realise it,...

Posted in : Dental Dentistry

The Essentials in Gum Care

Posted on : November 23, 2015  By : Wellness


When it comes to taking care of our oral health, many of us concentrate on our teeth alone, and forget about the rest of our mouth. You might have seen adverts on the TV about gum disease which is a common cause for tooth loss. How to avoid losing your teeth, or needing a root canal, is all down to how you take care of your...

Posted in : Dental Dentistry Medical

The Effect of Winter on Your Teeth

Posted on : November 18, 2015  By : Wellness

At Apple Wellness Center we conduct everything from podiatry to laser hair removal in Airdrie, but with the changing of the seasons we can become inundated with questions relating to the effect this can have on the body. While teeth...

Posted in : Dental Dentistry

Know How to Take Care of Your Teeth

Posted on : October 26, 2015  By : Wellness


Here are the Apple Wellness Centre, we don’t just think laser tattoo removal in Lethbride, is important, we also believe that our teeth deserve our love and attention too. They give us that superstar smile and a confidence...

Posted in : Dental

Tattoo Removal Myths Debunked

Posted on : August 25, 2015  By : Wellness

Just as choosing to get a tattoo should be a well-thought out decision, opting to get rid of your ink should be scrutinised just as much. Unfortunately, in your quest to get the facts about laser tattoo removal in Calgary you may come across a few urban...

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