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7 Temporary Body Art Accessories

Posted on : March 1, 2016  By : Wellness

If you love body art but don’t want the commitment of a permanent tattoo, or even if you’re missing your old tattoo but getting another one is out of the question, you have several other options you can consider instead:

1. Henna Tattoos – They can be used to form any design you want and can last between one to three weeks.


2. Piercings – For something different, you might want to consider a piercing, which is versatile, since you can then add any decorative jewellery you want to it. If you don’t feel like having piercings anymore, you can just let them heal.

3. Body Gems – These little decorative gems can add a bit of sparkly fun to your skin, and are also a great alternative to piercings if you don’t feel like getting one. You can also apply these gems to your nails.

4. Glitter Body Art – A touch of glitter can create complex designs on your body or add a bit of shine to your skin.

5. Flash Tattoo – They’re easy to apply and remove and are perfect for festivals, birthdays, parties, and any other event of your choice.

6. Face and Body Paint – Your skin is the perfect canvas for intricate non-permanent designs, so feel free to paint your body anyway you want. You can even be a leopard, if only for a moment!

7. Wigs – Even though dyeing your hair is not exactly permanent, you might prefer something even more temporary, such as wigs. They let you mix and match colours every day to complement your clothing or mood.

With so many forms of temporary body art, you can try different things you might have never considered before! And if you have a tattoo you don’t like anymore, you can use our tattoo removal services, so get in touch or call us on (587) 332-6767 and talk to a member of our team about it.

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