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5 Things Not to Do to Your New Tattoo

Posted on : March 22, 2016  By : Wellness

When thinking of tattoo removal it is a common misconception that everyone who has them removed is trying to get back to plain skin. Whilst there are many who have the procedure for this purpose, it is far more likely that these people are simply looking to lighten their tattoos to the point that they can then be covered by a new tattoo.


One of the most common reasons that people want their tattoos covered up is that they were damaged shortly after they were completed. To make sure that this doesn’t happen to your next tattoo, here is a little guide of things not to do whilst your tattoo is new.

Hands Off!

As with anything new, it can be incredibly tempting to touch your tattoo but remember this isn’t the latest iPhone and touching a new tattoo with unclean hands can cause infection and serious damage.

Sun’s Out, Guns IN!

If you’ve ever left the garden furniture out for too long, you will know that the sun naturally bleaches things. This bleaching effect can also happen with your tattoo and a new tattoo should be kept covered if you are out and about with it.


Don’t Soak It!

Whilst you should keep your tattoo clean, doing so requires regular rinsing and gentle cleaning; soaking is a big no as this can seriously harm your tattoo. As well as the ink running, you risk potential infection from over exposure to the water.

Scrubbing is for the toilet, Not Your Tattoo!

A gentle rub with your fingers whilst under running water is enough to get your tattoo nice and clean and scrubbing at it can cause serious damage. Even when it comes to drying, you should dab at it rather than scrub it dry.

Don’t Pick it!

During the healing process, you will find that your tattoo becomes dry and begins to scab in places, this is a natural part of healing and must be allowed to happen. Picking the skin can seriously damage or even remove the tattoo underneath.

So there you have it, a sure fire guide to making sure that your next tattoo will not be one that you want to have removed.

If however you haven’t yet had your tattoo removed then worry not, as we are here to help, simply contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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