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Cosmetic Treatments & Cosmetic Surgery in Airdrie, Alberta & Calgary

Cosmetic surgery and treatments can be a very personal procedure for some people. In our modern world it’s quickly becoming a cultural norm to undergo some form of cosmetic treatment; the importance of such a procedure, however, means that you need a relaxed, reliable and caring service. This is your body after all, so handling you with the respect and care you deserve is important to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.  Here at Apple Wellness we provide a proven service of excellence, and have become recognised for our outstanding reputation in Airdrie and Alberta, offering a strictly medical approach to skin care and laser aesthetic treatments. 

A Provider of Professional Cosmetic and Laser Treatments

Many cosmetic treatments revolve around the application of advanced laser-based procedures, and with state of the art facilities, our fully qualified and expertly trained team are able to provide you with the best possible standards of care. Safety is amongst the top concerns of some people undergoing laser treatment; because we care about any concerns you may have, we’re on hand to answer all of your questions. There’s really no need to worry with us, as our methods are safe and reliable and you can see a difference almost immediately.

We cater for every need, from Spider Veins, photofacials and laser tattoo removal to scar treatment and age spot removal. We provide a wide variety of services, and all of them are carried out in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Benefiting from having multiple professions under one roof, our laser technician is able to consult with our on-site physicians and laser-trained doctors to come up with the most effective treatment for you, no matter what you’re having done. Your individual method of treatment will be decided in accordance with your own particular needs; ensuring that we only take the best-suited route for you.

Contact Apple Wellness for Reliable Cosmetic Services in Alberta and Calgary

We understand that cosmetic surgery is a very personal process and though we provide a thoughtful and professional cosmetic service to all of our patients, if you have any questions about any of our procedures whether its medical or dental, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on (587) 332-6767 extension 3. We’re here for you.


Photo Facials

Photo Facials are a revolutionary advance in laser cosmetics that removes discoloration and textural irregularities, resulting in the appearance of healthier, more vibrant skin.

Laser Hair Removal

ClearScan is an infrared laser that can selectively target microstructures such as hair follicles. It is very effective for lighter skin types, and because of the relatively low absorption of this light by melanin.


This series of treatments are a gentle exfoliation
to remove the dead or damaged skin cells on the
outer most layer of skin. It will leave the skin
looking healthier and younger, as well as
boosting the effectiveness of your skin care

Chemical Peels

This series of exfoliating treatments are excellent
at speeding up the skins natural turnover rate.
This has been proven effective for controlling
acne, reducing fine lines, reducing the look of
”sun-spots”, and improving uneven skin tone.

Vascular Procedures

This series of treatments are to eliminate the
unsightly look of spider veins, which can appear
on the legs, face, and other parts of the body.
With laser technology we can cause the small
blood vessel to collapse and disappear over time.


  • As always-such a pleasure to see Vicki! Best Hygenist ever!
    -Laurene S.
  • Vicki and Sanjay were awesome .They always are.
    -Shane W.
  • I always look forward to have my teeth worked on and the services are awesome...I can refer someone with pleasure ...keep up the standard you guys you do an awesome job ...thank to my sister in law who was once your client and now moved to Edmon-ton ...Thankyou to all the good stuff with team work sprit.
    -Boniso D.
  • I reffered my buddy Mike F.& family to you a while back, & he thinks you guysare great!
    -Wes G.
  • Have beeen coming to this clinic or should I say Dr.Sanjay Rajpal for 20 years plus. i have been extremly happy with my visits and have been overall very pleased...staff is wonderful and helpful with all my family neess....Thanks for the service.
    -Donna H.
  • Always a pleasant experience,fantastic staff!
    -Ronalynn R.
  • I dont remember names of who i dealt with but it was very positive. I am happy to come back to Apple Wellness Dental!
    -Cara G.
  • Very impressed and great job.
    -Ben N.
  • I was in on Wed to have a tooth pulled and I was quite nervous. The Doctor was excellent with me and my procedure went great. She kept me calm and comfortable and told me what she was doing every step of the way. I am very impressed with her and the staff @ Apple Wellness.
    -Shelly H.
  • Everybody was very friendly and heigienist was excellent
    -Mark P.

What our patients have to say about our care...

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